Dominican Cocoa

Tourists visiting the Dominican Republic can enjoy guided tours of cocoa plantations, all located in the country's mountainous central region. In the north coast, the mountains are situated near the north coast city of Puerto Plata, while in the eastern region the plantations are conveniently located near the Punta Cana and La Romana areas, important tourism enclaves. ( ; www. Some of the tour options feature visits to small farms where the farmers will share with the visitors their particular lifestyle and the traditional practices they use to harvest and produce chocolate. Other options include a more in-depth tour, where visitors will be able to see all the steps that need to be taken – from the planting of the cocoa seeds to the actual shipping process to European and American markets. luxury chocolates, liqueurs, cookies, fruit and various sweets. The company, founded in Belgium in 1926, has more than 450 boutiques and shops spread through the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. Its name is a tribute to the legend of Lady Godiva. Tours of cocoa plantations in Hato Mayor- Vicentillo